Medicaid expansion

Medicaid Basics:

“The Official U.S. Government Site for Medicaid,”

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “Policy Basics:  Introduction to Medicaid,”, “Medicaid:  the Basics,”

Materials on the Medicaid Expansion Provisions of the ACA:

“Medicaid Expansion:  Framing and Planning a Financial Impact Analysis,”

“Implementing the ACA’s Medicaid-Related Health Reform Provisions After the Supreme Court’s Decision,”

“50 Reasons Medicaid Expansion is Good for Your State,”

“Who Benefits from the Medicaid Expansion?”

Affordable Care Act Title II:  Role of Public Programs,

Health Reform GPS, “Medicaid Benefit Changes,”

Link to CMS series of conference calls on implementation of Medicaid-related ACA provisions,

Link to Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment rule,

“Medicaid Final Rule Fact Sheet,”

“State Medicaid Director Letter:  New Option for Coverage of Individuals under Medicaid,”

“Medicaid and CHIP Provisions in the New Health Care Reform Law,”

“Ensuring Access to Care in Medicaid under Health Reform,”

“Early Medicaid Expansions under Health Reform,”

Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) publications on the Medicaid expansion,

Materials on the Current Medicaid Coverage and Spending Picture:

“A Look at Medicaid Spending, Coverage and Policy Trends: Results from a 50-State Medicaid Budget Survey for State Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012,”

“ConsumerReportsHealth: Medicaid HMOs Can Deliver Good Health Care—But Some Fall Short,”

Kaiser Family Foundation,

“A Profile of Medicaid Managed Care Programs in 2010:

Findings from a 50-State Survey,”

“Mental Health Financing in the United States: A Primer,”

Advocacy Resources for the Field:

“Defending Medicaid in Hard Times: A Guide for State Advocates,”

State Medicaid Report Card,

“Medicaid Policy Options for Meeting the Needs of Adults with Mental Illness,”

“Shaping Medicaid Managed Care Expansions to Better Serve Consumers,”

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